The city of Punjar is the most corrupt, notorious, and deadly city in the world today. Home to a web of slums, chaotic streets, crumbling buildings, and pest infested markets, the “Tarnished Jewel” is a place where one can gain his riches with the tip of a blade or the sweat from a slave’s back. Vile nobles, deadly assassins, cunning thieves, menacing mages, and ruthless thugs all make their mark on this once grand city.

Ravaged by war, darkened by fire, and defiled by plague, Punjar’s history makes one wonder if its streets were damned by the gods. Now a mecca of depravity and deceit, fortunes can be made under the moon’s light and be gone again by sunrise. A place where a man can steal nobility or buy a miracle, sorcerers trade ancient arcane secrets, and the most powerful knights tremble at the mysteries that lay beneath the streets. The Tarnished Jewel is an unforgiving mistress that will destroy you just as quickly as she can raise you up.

Keep one hand on your blade and the other on your money pouch as you take your first few steps through Punjar’s dark alleys, down its dimly light streets, and into a world that few make it out alive.

Punjar: The Tarnished Jewel