Punjar is divided into districts, more commonly known as wards. Though their boundaries may be intangible, crossing between wards is akin to crossing between worlds; the Overlord’s shining palace, envy of all the
North, stands with a stone’s throw of Punjar’s worst slums, where children starve and men sell their own kin for mere coppers.

Despite the vast divide between Punjar’s wealthiest lords and merchants, and the abject poverty of its paupers, one thing is true throughout the city: Be you the Emperor or a beggar, the price of every life can be measured in coin.

Smoke (Old Punjar)

The Commons (Old City)

City of the Dead

The Souk

High Quarter and Low Court

The Blackwell Citadel

The Devil’s Thumb

The New City and Northside

Temple Ward

The Wilderness Beyond the Gates


Punjar: The Tarnished Jewel Saratek187